B-BBEE Approved Services


INVASSET BEE is a approved B-BBEE registered auditor offering B-BBEE services to both the private and public sector in South Africa. We are approved through the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA), thus you can be assured to receive a valid B-BBEE certificate as per the B-BBEE legislation.




We have successfully been able to combine expertise in both financial and B-BBEE auditing. Therefore we are confident to provide the most efficient, timely and painless verification service to our valued clients. We offer the full range of B-BBEE verification services which include the General Codes of Good Practice and all the gazetted sector charters under section 9(1).

We are proud to proclaim that our experienced staff collectively hold over 1000 audits between them and are leading the way in IRBA accredited B-BBEE audits.



The Department of Trade and Industry DTI's Statement 005 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Verification empowers IRBA to approve registered auditors, who meet certain pre-requisites, to provide B-BBEE assurance services and to issue valid accredited B-BBEE Verification certificates.




The Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors is a professional body mandated by Government and has been appointed as the regulatory body of the B-BBEE industry.

IRBA obtaining B-BBEE accreditation rights




SANAS is the South African National Accreditation System. SANAS was appointed by the Department of Trade and Industry as one of the accreditation bodies of the B-BBEE Industry.